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seo référencement
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Natural referencing(SEO), a must for websites!

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If you are not sure what this means, or how it can be useful for your website, fasten your seat belt to start this little guided tour with us which will, we hope, help you see clear and relatively well understand its importance and what is so special about it so that everyone talks about it.

Natural referencing(SEO) kesako?

Firstly, the word SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO. It is a set of techniques for optimizing a website which are used to improve its visibility and positioning to achieve the first natural results of search engines(Google positioning, Bing etc.) on given keywords.

And as you have probably guessed, it is in your interest to have your website among these first results if you want to take advantage of natural traffic, otherwise, you will have to invest a lot in advertising(paid SEO) to achieve the same result. Knowing that we are talking about a continuous flow of targeted traffic, while the advertising effect is almost instantaneous and stops as soon as you stop spending money to serve new ads.

Did you know that, thanks to search engines, your website generates more than 93% of web traffic? Ignoring natural referencing therefore, means depriving yourself of the possibility of attracting a huge number of potential customers to it.

It should also be noted that only the first websites in the list of search engine results are lucky to be clicked and visited. And the further we go, the more the visibility of our website decreases. Researches say that internet users very rarely go beyond the third page of the result.

Before giving concrete examples of what we have to respect to please the search engines and thus improve the ranking of our website, let us pause for a moment to get a little idea of how they work.

How search engines work

Google for example, to cite only the most famous among them, continuously scans the billions of web pages available on the web via its robots(computer programs) which collect all the new or old information with their different forms of content to organize them in the search index of this engine as shown in the following animation:

When we do a search, and in a fraction of a second the algorithms(a series of instructions, comparisons etc. executed by computer programs according to a given logic) come into play to sort the pages of the billions of websites previously identified and classified in the search index to provide you with the most useful and relevant results. These search algorithms are obviously designed to take into account many factors. Among others:

  • The positioning of your website in the index(obtained thanks to an intelligent and optimized SEO strategy).
  • The keywords or phrases used in the search in question should appear on the content of your website.
  • Ergonomics, which consists of improving the user experience, its comfort and the effectiveness of the website, which allow the user to find what he is looking for quickly and simply.
  • The level of expertise felt by these algorithms in addition to the relationship between the object of the research and the subjects addressed.
  • The frequency of updating the content if your website deals with news topics.
  • Etc.

On top of all that, Google’s algorithms are cleverly designed to guess the forms of results that best suit our needs(weather forecast, route on the map, article, images, videos, etc.). Their main objective is to avoid having to click on a link, otherwise, click as few links as possible before finding an answer to your request. This is particularly valid for mobile devices.

The myth of Google Ads!

Those who think that paying for advertising via Google Ads leads to better SEO for your websites. The leaders of this American company claim on all occasions that they sell advertising and not at all a privileged Google positioning in natural search results.

"While advertisers can pay to be displayed in clearly marked sections of the page, no one can buy better placement in the search results."

- Quote: Google -

Just for information, Google Ads works on CPC. Which means Cost Per Click. When launching an advertising campaign, you have to define the maximum price that you are ready to pay for each click that your website will receive. These ads appear first at the top of the list of results on each search page.

Strategy after SEO analysis(SEO audit)

A good understanding of this mechanism which is referencing(SEO) and the investment of a little time and money for the optimization of your website in this sense will help to consolidate the communication between this last and the search engines who will start to feel comfortable browsing its content and will eventually reward it by pushing its positioning as high as possible in the natural traffic pyramid.

We would like to point out to you anyway that knowledge of SEO techniques alone is not enough. You have to imagine a strategy that exploits all these information and tips acquired through years of experience to effectively and continuously target the sensitive points in the body of these search engines to make them fall slowly on the knees before sinking into the knockout.

Here is a small overview of the information that search engines need to savor before deciding to like your website and let it enter their wonderful world instead of shutting the door in its face:

  • Search engines love websites that have in the wings an optimized and very well structured code to make it easier for them to understand the tree structure.
  • Search engines love responsive sites that automatically adapt to the size of smartphone screens, tablets in addition to desktop screens, without the user being forced to zoom in and out, of course.
  • Search engines like relatively sophisticated CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress etc.
  • Search engines love secure sites. It is imperative to have a website that starts with the HTTPS protocol for example and to avoid at all costs the simple HTTP without the S. In addition, a warning message "unsecured or dangerous site" is displayed on the visitor's browser of your website if the latter(website) does not have an HTTPS security protocol. This HTTPS protocol is obtained via an SSL certificate.
  • Search engines respect websites that are mentioned in other websites that have a very good reputation, especially if they are in the same industry(or complementary activities) as yours.
  • Search engines love relevant content that makes people stay on your site for as long as possible. If the bounce rate(an indicator of the percentage of visitors who have visited only one page of a website and the total time spent on it) of your site is high, this may be very badly interpreted by these latter ones(engines).
  • Search engines love websites that update regularly with new content.
  • Etc.
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